Remote Support

Best Support Option

Level1PC can (with your permission) log into your computer remotely and help support you while allowing you the ability to watch everything being done.

Telephone Support

Please leave us a message

Residential telephone support is available during regular business hours of M-F 10am – 6pm.  If you need emergency support during non business hours, additional fees may apply.

On-Site Support

Service at your location

Level1PC will provide “one-on-one” personal support at your home.  We currently support all surrounding counties. If you are not sure if you are within our support area – contact us.

Email Support

Fastest contact option

Email support is always an option but not always as effective depending upon your situation.  Email us with your support question and we will do our best to help you.

Unparalleled Computer Service at the BEST Price

Level 1 PC can save you money by eliminating travel fees and trips out to our shop. With our remote support system we can remote control your computer and begin repairs immediately as if we were sitting in front of your computer!

We Have the Computer Expertise You Need

We are qualified to work on any computer issue that may arise. Whether you need a virus removed from your system or a complete software overhaul of your operating system, we can accomplish this in a timely manner.

Our customers enjoy our prompt, high level service experience and relies on future services. Customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority every time we approach a new issue.

Expert Computer Repair Services At Your Side And Standing By

Call us NOW at (585) 632-3030 to get started with the #1 remote computer repair service on the web! We are available to help you with all of your computer issues.