Step 1 - Contact us!

To confirm we can help you remotely

Email or call us at 585.632.3030 and a tech will discuss the nature of the problem, then guide you through the connection process.

Step 2 - Install Software

Download software after filling out form

Once confirming a remote session can be performed, downloading and installing the remote support software is the next step.

Step 3 - Connect!

We will diagnose and repair your issues

Our tech connects to your computer over a secure, encrypted connection, and will diagnose and/or repair the issues.

Save time and money


Support, assist, and interact with our customers. Our remote tool makes it possible to work as if we were are all in the same room without travel time and expenses.

Splashtop Code

Once you complete the form, you will then be directed to the download page.

Remote support downloads for both Windows PC and Mac are available, please choose the correct download.